HTS & Co is about creativity and functionality.

We make durable workwear for a mindful and inspiring industry. We want our clothes to be worn with pride and to help you and your staff bring the best service possible to your customers.

Our vision is to design durable, sustainable workwear with a focus on people and service.

Some of our previous clients include Novotel, Chopard and Mustard Catering.


Every business is different and we work with our clients to design a bespoke solution for their needs. We have undertaken projects ranging in size from only 3 units to over 200, so no project is impossible for us!

Materials and trimmings is a fundamental part of the design process and we use an extensive range of suppliers to ensure we achieve the perfect solution for your project.

We can add your logotype or mark with embroidery by hand or machine, print or as a detail such as colour of fabric.

Sustainability is important for us. We strive to produce our products locally and using sustainable materials where possible.

If you want to talk about a specific project or hear what we can offer please get in touch. We are based in Kramfors, Sweden but work across the globe.

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